FAQ about renting a motorbike


What are the Fatboy's shop hours?

Fatboy’s Ekkamai

Open Monday- Saturday, CLOSED SUNDAYS

Hours: 10:00-18:00

Fatboy's Silom

Open Tuesday - Sunday, CLOSED MONDAYS

Hours: 10:00-18:00


Open Wednesday-Saturday
Hours: 12:00-16:00

What is required to rent a scooter from Fatboy's Motorbike Rentals?

For Bangkok Expats: 

  • Passport Copy 
  • Work Permit Copy/ Work Contract (If you do not work in Bangkok then you must have a Condo/House contract)
  • Condo/House contract copy
  • 2,000 baht monetary deposit for a 125cc bike or 3,000 for a 150+cc bike

For Tourists: (Please note: Fatboy’s Motorbikes are for Bangkok use ONLY)

Option #1: 

  • Copy of Original Passport
  • 5,000 baht
  • Receipt or email confirmation of the Bangkok Hotel or Bangkok Airbnb you are staying at (Hotel booking must be the same or longer as the scooter rental)

Option #2:

  • If you do not want to leave a money deposit, Fatboy’s Motorbike Rentals gives the option to customers to leave their ORIGINAL Passport as a deposit

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Is there a minimum rental period?

Fatboy’s Motorbikes has 2-day minimum rental period. You can rent one day, though the price will still be for 2-days.

Are motorbikes from Fatboy's allowed outside of Bangkok?

All of Fatboy’s motorbikes and scooters are for use ONLY in Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Samut Prakan, and certain areas of Nakhon Pathom.

If you are not sure whether your area is eligible for rental, please contact one of our staff for assistance.

How often are motorbikes maintained at Fatboy's?

Fatboy’s Motorbike Rentals is the only Scooter Rental shop that has In-Shop Motorbike Mechanics, which means that all of Fatboy’s Motorbikes are personally serviced and checked by a Fatboy’s Motorbike Mechanic every time they are returned. Safety is our top priority and something we take extremely serious!

All Fatboy’s shops have between 1-3 Motorbike Mechanics on site. Access to our mechanics at anytime during our shop hours is 100% free of charge, and you can have bike serviced regularly throughout your rental. Please inform us if you feel the slightest issue with our Bikes, and we will be happy to fix it .

When do I get my deposit back?

Your deposit will be returned once you return the scooter to Fatboy’s Motorbike Rentals.

Is there insurance provided?

All Fatboy’s Motorbike Rentals have 3rd party medical insurance included free of charge.

If you would like Premium Insurance for your motorbike rental which covers damage to the rental bike and 3rd party in case of accident, please contact us directly for further details. Please note that to obtain Premium Insurance, you must have a Thai Motorbike License.

Does Fatboy's Motorbike Rentals provide helmets?

Yes, Fatboy’s Motorbike Rentals provides you one or two free helmets with the scooter rental. We can also provide children helmets upon request.

To see the full range of benefits that you receive when renting with Fatboy's, please click here.

Does Fatboy's offer free motorbike delivery?

Yes, all 4 Fatboy’s Motorbike Rental shops offers free motorbike delivery for monthly rental contracts. Please note that if you live in Nonthaburi, Samut Prakan, Nakhon Pathom, or Chachoengsao, we will require our delivery truck to deliver your bike, and these deliveries will need to be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Contact us now to book your motorbike or scooter for delivery!

Please note that motorbike pickup is not free. For a motorbike pickup quote, please contact one of our Fatboy's team.

Want a motorbike delivery for a daily or weekly rental? Fatboy's Motorbike Rentals offers 100 baht delivery for all daily or weekly motorbike rentals, provided you are located within 3 kilometers from a BTS station! So to make sure your trip or holiday is a convenient one, have Fatboy's deliver your rental motorbike to your hotel. Please contact one of our Fatboy's team for details.

If I want to renew my Fatboy's contract, what do I need to do?

Option #1

Come to the shop where you rented from to make a new contract and new payment.

Option #2

Contact the Fatboy's team that assisted you initially with your rental via Phone, LINE, Facebook or WhatsApp to do a contract extension and make a payment via bank transfer.

What if I want to purchase the bike I am renting?

All of our motorbikes and scooters are able to be purchased. We also offer installment purchasing (monthly payments with interest).

To learn more about purchasing a bike with Fatboy's, please visit our Second Hand Bike Sales page. Alternatively, please contact a Fatboy's team member for more information.

Does Fatboy's Motorbikes offer discounts?

Fatboy’s Motorbike Rentals offers discounted prices on multiple month scooter and motorbike Rentals. Please call or message us for details.

To understand the full range of benefits you receive when renting monthly with Fatboy's, please click here.

Does Fatboy's offer payment plans if I want to purchase a bike?

Yes, we offer the option of purchasing bikes by installment, which includes interest.

Please note that this option is only available for customers who have a valid work permit in Bangkok.

For more details, please visit our Second Hand Bike Sales page.

Is riding a scooter or motorbike in Bangkok for me?

Fatboy’s Motorbike Rentals finds that riding a scooter or motorbike in Bangkok and surrounding ares is the best way to get around the city. Having one of our scooters will save you many hours of travel time each week, leaving you with extra time to enjoy Bangkok! You will also save money by not paying for expensive public transportation. No more waiting in a taxi watching the meter shoot up as pedestrians walk by your idling taxi. You can navigate yourself and really get to see Bangkok City!

If you want to become more comfortable driving a scooter or motorbike in Bangkok before exploring the city, Fatboy's offers motorbike driving lessons for expats and tourists in Bangkok! See more details here.

Is it safe to drive a motorbike in Bangkok?

Fatboy’s Motorbike Rentals believe that riding a scooter in Bangkok is very safe, as long as you pay attention to what is going on around you. There are risks involved in driving a scooter in every city in the world, and Bangkok is no exception. Please be safe when you are operating your rental scooter. You should always wear your helmet at all times, regardless of how safe you feel without one.

If you would like to build confidence on a scooter or motorbike first before renting, we also offer scooter and motorbike driving lessons. Please see our Motorbike Driving Lessons page for more details.

Does Fatboy's offer scooter or motorbike driving lessons?

Due to much demand, Fatboy’s Motorbike Rentals does offer Private driving lessons for both automatic and manual bikes.

1 On 1 Private Lesson

1,500 baht per 60 minutes with Fatboy’s Team Member

Group Lessons (2-4 drivers) 1 Teacher + 1 Bike

900 baht per 60 minutes (per person)

Please visit our Motorbike Driving Lessons page for more details.

Does Fatboy's offer motorbike mechanic services?

Fatboy’s Motorbikes opened our Motorbike Mechanic service in 2018 due to numerous requests from non-Fatboys Clients. We currently have Motorbike Mechanic Services at our Fatboys Sukhumvit (Ekkamai) and Fatboy’s Sathorn branches with English Speaking Staff and Competitive Pricing. All bikes serviced also receive a FREE BIKE WASH!

Please reach out to our Fatboy's Sukhumvit (Ekkamai) or Fatboy's Sathorn branches for more details.

Can Fatboy's help with motorbike paperwork?

Fatboy's offers assistance to expats who would like help with their motorbike paperwork and yearly government taxes. Please go to our Motorbike Registration Service page for more details.

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