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For years, we have heard about expats and locals struggling to find a quality motorbike repair shop in Bangkok. No English communication, sub-par fixes, and getting ripped off are a few of many complaints we have heard. At Fatboy’s we have also had similar issues, which is why we finally launched Fatboy’s Motorbike Mechanic Services in Bangkok!

All our motorbike mechanics have significant years of experience, so you can be sure that they know their stuff. Not only that, but our English-speaking team members can help you communicate your needs! No more feeling confused and frustrated due to the language barrier.

motorbike mechanic

How Our Mechanic Service Works

Make a Booking

Send us a message or contact our Ekkamai or Sathorn service centers to make an appointment for a motorbike check. Motorbike pickups are also available.

Approve Your Quotation

Once our mechanics are aware of the issues your bike is facing, we will provide you a quotation for having your bike fixed or serviced.

Have Your Bike Fixed

Upon quotation approval, we will begin fixing your bike ASAP. Depending on the scale of the bike service, a deposit may be required.

Pick Up Your Bike!

Once your bike has been fixed by our mechanics and tested by one of our team, you can come to pick up your bike!

Motorbike Pick-up Service

Have your scooter or motorbike collected for repairs anywhere in Greater Bangkok!

motorbike pickup service in bangkok

Does your scooter or motorbike not start? Or are you too scared to drive the motorbike to our motorbike repair shops because of the bike’s condition?

No problem for Fatboy’s Motorbike Mechanic! We offer pick-up and drop-off motorbike services for our mechanic customers at fair rates compared to other pickup truck services. 

To get a quotation for a motorbike pick-up or drop-off, please contact either our Ekkamai or Sathorn teams at the contact details below. We can pick up motorbikes in the Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathumthani, Nakhon Pathom, and Samut Prakan areas.

Types of Motorbike Repair Services

Motorbike Battery Replacements

Fatboy’s Motorbike Mechanic Service offers out-of-shop motorbike battery replacement services during shop hours!


There is nothing more frustrating than trying to start your scooter or motorbike only to find out that the battery is dead and that you’re stuck. No more worries, as you can contact Fatboy’s to come and replace the battery on any type of motorbike.


We can replace batteries on any type of motorbike (from a 110cc scooter to a 800cc sports bike), and we offer our motorbike battery replacement service throughout Greater Bangkok. Contact us here if you need your motorbike’s battery changed today!

Engine Fixes

As motorbike experts, we understand how concerning a motorbike engine issue can be. From sharp, metallic sounds coming from the engine to a motorbike engine cutting in the middle of the road, engine problems can be stressful as you are both concerned about your safety, as well as the potential costs of repairs.


Fatboy’s Motorbike Mechanic Service has a team of Bangkok motorbike mechanics with years of experience fixing engines, so you can be assured that your motorbike is in good hands. Also as a company built for the Bangkok Expat community, we will strive to fix your engine issue as efficiently, honestly, and as cost-effective as possible.


Our mechanic team primarily specializes in fixing 110CC to 300CC engines, however if you have a larger motorcycle that is having engine issues, do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can assist you or provide a recommendation.


Get your motorbike engine fixed in Bangkok today by contacting us here.

Motorbike Seat Replacements

Do you have a tear or hole in your motorbike seat covering? Or is the color of your seat fading due to weather and Bangkok conditions? At Fatboy’s Motorbike Mechanic Service, we offer full motorbike seat replacement services quick and efficiently!


Contact us here if you are are looking to get your motorbike seat repaired today!

Brake Replacements

Needless to say, driving a scooter or motorbike with fresh, responsive, and safe front and back brakes is absolutely crucial for your safety. In a city like Bangkok where weather conditions can be extremely hot and wet, it is vital to have your scooter or motorbike brakes regularly adjusted or replaced.


At Fatboy’s Motorbike Mechanic Service, we are able to assist with full front and back brake replacements for any type of motorbike – including brake pad changes, brake lever adjustments, brake cable changes, brake disc changes and more!


Contact us here to get your motorbike’s brakes looked at by a Fatboy’s motorbike mechanic today!

Motorbike Oil Changes & Leaks

They say that a motorbike’s oil is like it’s blood – in order to keep your motorbike’s condition flawless, regular engine oil, gear oil, and brake oil changes is a MUST!


At Fatboy’s Motorbike Mechanic Service, we offer motorbike oil changes for all types of motorbikes. We also offer oil leak fixes and oil seal replacements, in case your scooter or motorbike is dangerously leaking any engine, gear or brake oil that could lead to further damage.


Need your motorbike oils changed? Suspect that your motorbike has an oil leak? Contact us here to get your motorbike oils serviced!

Tire Changes & Patching

It is highly important for your safety to be driving a scooter or motorbike with fresh tires that have good traction. Especially with the wet conditions and uneven roads of Bangkok, having your tires replaced regularly so you are not driving with bald motorbike tires is necessary. 


Fatboy’s Motorbike Mechanic Service offers full tire changing services for any type of motorbike model. We offer both good condition yet affordable local tire brands, as well as international tire brands such as Pirelli and Michelin for our customers to choose! We also offer pick-up and drop-off services if your bike has a flat tire or if you have a bike that also needs the tire tubes replaced.


Contact us here to get your scooter or motorbike a fresh set of tires today! 

Electrical System Services

Electrical system issues for your scooter or motorbike can be extremely difficult and tricky to fix. Problems such as sensor errors to wiring failures can lead to motorbikes turning off suddenly or not being able to start at all!

All our mechanics at Fatboy’s have experience fixing electrical system issues for scooters and motorbikes. Our mechanics primarily specialize in fixing motorbike electrical problems for 110CC to 300CC vehicles, however if you have a larger vehicle that has an electrical system issue, do not hesitate to contact us to see if we are able to assist or if we can provide a recommendation.

Need a repair done for your scooter or motorbike’s electrical system? Contact us here to get your motorbike looked at by a Fatboy’s mechanic today!

Key Mileage Servicing

Did you know that your scooter or motorbike needs be serviced at certain mileage milestones, according to all motorbike manufacturers such as Honda and Yamaha? Whether your scooter or motorbike has reached 4,000, 10,000 or 20,000 kilometers, our Fatboy’s motorbike mechanics are experts at servicing your motorbike at whatever key mileage milestone.

Please contact us here if you have a scooter or motorbike that has reached a certain mileage and you would like serviced by Fatboy’s Motorbike Mechanic Service!

Neck Adjustment & Balance

Driving a scooter or motorbike with a smooth and stable motorbike neck is highly important for your safety. With the poor condition roads that exist all over Greater Bangkok, it is critical that your motorbike’s neck and balance is stable to avoid any potential accidents.

At Fatboy’s Motorbike Mechanic Service, we offer full scooter and motorbike neck replacements, as well as motorbike rebalancing services! Recently had a small accident on your scooter or motorbike that has caused issues to your motorbike’s alignment? We can get your motorbike’s balance back to normal again!

Contact us here for inquiries or more details!

And much, much more!

At Fatboy’s Motorbike Mechanic Service, we can provide any assistance with your scooter or motorbike needs that you can possibly think of! If you have any particularly unique problem with your vehicle or are looking for a particular motorbike repair service not outlined in this Services List, please do not hesitate to reach out to us to see how Fatboy’s Motorbike Mechanic Service can help you!

Contact us here with your specific problem or needs to get the conversation started with an English-speaking Fatboy’s team member!

Motorbike Repair Shop Locations

Two convenient motorbike mechanic service locations in the center of Bangkok!

Ekkamai Location

13/1 Sukhumvit 65, Phra Khanong Nuea,
Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

For full details on how to get to the Ekkamai location, click here.

Sathorn Location

306 Sathorn Soi 11 Yaek 5, Yannawa,
Sathorn, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

For full details on how to get to the Sathorn location, click here.

Motorbike Mechanic Gallery

Thanks to our lovely customers for using our motorbike repair service in Bangkok!


Interested to repair your motorbike with Fatboy’s? Have any specific queries regarding your bike’s needs? Need your broken down motorbike picked up with our truck? Send us a message below!

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