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2018 Suzuki Swift GLX-Navi 1.2 CVT

With Mileage Limit 200KM Per Day


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2017 Honda Brio Amaze

With Mileage Limit 200KM Per Day


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2019 Nissan Almera 1.2E

With Mileage Limit 200KM Per Day


How To Rent A Car In Bangkok With Fatboy's

Rent A Car In Bangkok City Center Conveniently! Pick Up Your Rental Car At Our Shop Location Or Have Your Rental Car Delivered To Your Home Or Hotel!

Pick Up Your Car In-Store

Visit Us At Our Convenient Central Bangkok Location To Pick Up Your Rental Car! (Advanced Booking Required)

How To Get To Our Shop Location


Take the BTS to Saint Louis BTS station (on the Silom line) and get off at the exit for Sathorn Soi 11. Walk down Sathorn Soi 11 until you reach “Soi 3” and turn left. Walk down the soi approximately 200 meters and turn right on the first Sub Soi you see. The shop will be located on your right-hand side in a big white building – you will see a big Fatboy’s Motorbike Rentals sign on the wall.


a. From Sathorn Road: enter Sathorn Soi 11 and drive approximately 600 meters. On your left hand side, you will see Soi #3. Turn left into that soi and drive approximately 400 meters. Turn right on the first soi that you are able to turn into. The white shop will be located on your right-hand side – you will see a big Fatboy’s Motorbike Rentals sign on the wall.

b. From Narathiwas Road: enter Narathiwas Soi 6, and drive down the soi approximately 400 meters and turn right down the 2nd subsoi. The white shop will be located on your left-hand side – you will see a big Fatboy’s Motorbike Rentals sign on the wall.

Get Your Rental Car Delivered

Have The Fatboy's Team Deliver Your Rental Car To Your Condo, Office Or Hotel - Contact Now!

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The Car Rental Process - Step By Step

Whether You Are A Bangkok Expat Or A Fresh Tourist, It Has Never Been Simpler To Rent A Car In Bangkok!

Book Your Rental Car

Contact the Fatboy’s team via one of the many contact options listed here to make a booking for your rental car! Please note that all rental car reservations require a 50% non-refundable booking fee. Fatboy’s only accepts advanced bookings maximum 30 days before the desired rental date.

Collect Your Rental Car

Once your rental vehicle has been selected, the Fatboy’s Team will make all arrangements for the Car Rental Contract + book a time for your rental car pickup or delivery! For full car rental requirements and deposit, please see here.

Enjoy Your Rental With Free Maintenance

Enjoy the car and your daily life across Bangkok or Thailand! While you are renting the car with Fatboy’s, make sure to take advantage of COMPLIMENTARY rental car maintenance if you are renting the car for one month or more! (Must be in Bangkok to claim complimentary car maintenance).

Return Your Rental Car

Once your rental contract is complete, simply return the rental car at the Fatboy’s branch or arrange a rental car pickup with the Fatboy’s Team (pickups can only be scheduled for Bangkok). Or if you wish to extend your rental contract, reach out to the Fatboys Team to make payment and extend the contract online – it’s that simple!

Bangkok Car Rental - Deposit Requirements

For Thailand Expats

To qualify, you must have a valid Work Permit, Retirement Visa, or Dependent Visa, and you must be Bangkok-based

For Tourists

Including customers with Education Visas or other short-term visas or expats who are based outside of Bangkok

Fatboy's Rent A Car FAQ

Yes, when you rent a car in Bangkok with Fatboy’s, there is a daily mileage limit of 200 kilometers. Therefore if you rent weekly, you have a mileage limit of 1,400 kilometers per week or if you rent monthly, you have a mileage limit of 6,000 kilometers per month. ALL MILEAGE RECORDS WILL BE TAKEN FROM THE INTEGRATED GPS TRACKING SYSTEM IN EVERY FATBOY’S RENTAL CAR.

Please also note that Fatboy’s will calculate mileage limit based on the TOTAL DURATION OF YOUR CONTRACT. For example, if you rent a car for 7 days, you will be allowed to use the rental car for a total of 1,400 kilometers during that 7 day period. So if you use the car on particular day over 200 kilometers, that is fine so long as you do not go over 1,400 kilometers at the end of your 7 day rental contract!

At Fatboy’s, we find that this is sufficient mileage for 95% of our clients. However if you are interested in adding mileage to your rental contract that is possible at the rates below:
– Additional 100 kilometers: 350 Baht
– Additional 500 kilometers: 1,500 Baht
– Additional 1000 kilometers: 2,500 Baht

If you are interested in adding additional mileage to your car rental contract, please contact a Fatboy’s team member now.

Absolutely, and in fact, we encourage all Fatboy’s clients to enjoy the beauty that Thailand has to offer by taking a road trip! Please note that there are mileage limits set for each car rental contract, and if you think you will using the rental car more than 200 kilometers per day, please ensure you pay for additional mileage as stipulated in the first question of the FAQ.

Additionally if you choose to rent the car monthly, and you wish to take the car outside of Bangkok, please note that you will be contractually obliged to take the rental car for maintenance every 6 months or 10,000 kilometers used. All services will contractually need to be done at an authorized Toyota, Honda, Nissan etc. service center, in order to ensure the highest maintenance service levels. If the client does not do the contractually obliged service at such an authorized service center, the client will be 100% responsible for all maintenance costs.

If you need any assistance in finding the closest authorized service center to you, do not hesitate to contact the Fatboy’s team now!

Yes, they do. For full details of the insurance coverage provided with every Fatboy’s rental car, please see this PDF.

Please note that all rental cars at Fatboy’s come with 100% LEGALLY COMPLIANT COMMERCIAL CAR INSURANCE, which allows you to be covered in case of accident while operating a vehicle that is not registered to your name. 95% of car rental companies commit insurance fraud and only provide personal 1st class car insurance – SO MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT COMMITTING INSURANCE FRAUD!

No sorry. In order to qualify for 1st class commercial insurance coverage, the client MUST have either a Thai car driver’s license or an International car driver’s license. If you have any questions as to whether your car license can be used to rent a car with Fatboy’s, please contact a Fatboy’s team member here.

Absolutely! All clients who have valid scooter or motorbike rental contracts with Fatboy’s Sathorn or Ekkamai are eligible for a 10% discount off of any Fatboy’s car rental contract (applies for daily, weekly and monthly contracts). Please contact the Fatboy’s team for more details or to make a booking.

For the safety and protection of both our clients and Fatboy’s, it is contractually mandatory for the GPS integrated into every rental car to be turned on. The GPS also provides great assistance in the extremely rare case of a stolen vehicle for both local police authorities and the insurance provider.

First of all, do not worry! Although getting into an accident can be a stressful situation, the Fatboy’s team will always try to assist you as best as possible.

Once you have checked there are no physical injuries to anyone in the vehicle, please immediately try to contact a Fatboy’s team member for assistance if the accident occurred during shop hours (10AM to 6PM). If however the accident occurs outside of operation hours, you can call the 24 hour English-speaking insurance call center (Phone Number 1741) for urgent assistance. However in all cases, we always recommend reaching out to the Fatboy’s team for help, as our team has extensive experience dealing with accident cases.

Simply contact the Fatboy’s team via one of the contact options listed here that you wish to extend the car rental contract. Once in contact, simply make payment for the contract extension, get a copy of the new rental contract, and then continue to have a great day! It is really that simple.

At Fatboy’s, we believe driving any vehicle in Thailand is as safe as any other country in the world PROVIDED that you are doing your best to be a “defensive driver” and you have proper car insurance (don’t worry Fatboy’s has you covered there!).

While using a Fatboy’s rental car, we highly advise that all clients follow these guidelines:
1. Avoid driving at night – drunk driving is very common in Thailand, especially in the provinces outside of Bangkok.

2. Always be checking your rearview mirrors and side mirrors for any potential bad drivers coming from behind. Thailand is notorious for bad drivers who love tailing you with very little space, as they think driving a car is like Formula 1. If you see any drivers tailing you very closely, simply signal and move into the slower lane and let the driver pass you.

3. Do not drive like other people you see on the road! There are many people driving cars without licenses in Thailand, especially in the provinces. So just because they are driving over the speed limit, overtaking nefariously, and making dangerous turns without signaling, it does not mean we need to follow their behavior!

4. Do not drive on the slowest left lane to avoid motorcyclists. Especially in the provinces, many motorcycle drivers often drive with non-functioning turn signals and brake lights, which in turn leads to many accidents. Therefore, avoid the slowest lane unless you need to exit.

Ready to rent a car? Then contact us via one of the listed options here.

Fatboy’s Rent A Car offers a wide range of convenient payment and deposit options! These include:

Cash (foreign currency also accepted at Google rates)
Local Bank Transfer / QR Payment
Credit Card (4% surcharge)
Google and Apple Pay (4% surcharge)
Paypal (4% surcharge)
Cryptocurrency – all currencies listed in the Top 100
Wise / Revolut

Ready to rent a car? Then contact us via one of the listed options here.

Yes, if you choose to return the car early on a 6 month contract, the customer will be required to pay the additional cost that comes with choosing a standard monthly car rental.

For example, if the car that you are renting is 15,000 Baht Per Month but only 13,500 Baht Per Month on a 6 Month Contract, and you choose to return the car after only 1 month, you will be contractually required to pay the difference of 1,500 Baht per month. Contractually, Fatboy’s can take the difference in rental rate from the rental deposit.

If you have any further questions about this rental contract condition, please feel free to contact the Fatboy’s team at one of the options listed here.


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